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Being Present and Embracing the Journey

I always use to think that when I set a goal that if I accomplished it, it was one step closer to making me feel like I had done something bigger in the world. Since becoming a coach I have learned that there are intentions, affirmations, goals and so many other things that people attach to having something you want to achieve and getting to the end result.

Each year I would set a new exercise goal, because it was something I was comfortable with, I knew how to track it and it was measurable. I would get new sneakers and start to plan out how many weeks before the marathon, travel arrangements and which marathon I wanted to do.

As the weeks would go by all I could think about was getting to the marathon, or how far away it was, the pain of each day going out and running and what was I missing out on when my long runs would land on a Sunday. I never enjoyed the journey of getting to the actual goal of running the marathon. Race day would come and I would run the marathon and then the next day all I could think about was the next goal. I learned quickly that it wasn’t the process that I enjoyed it was the day of the race.

Being present in your life isn’t easy when your a parent, you work 40 or more hours every week, you have bills to pay and you are trying to be healthy. This year I promised myself that the only thing I would truly commit to would be “Staying present through the journey.”

I was reading my intentions this morning and looked up to see a squirrel sitting on our deck staring out at the bird feeder. In my mind I could relate. How do I get to that bird feeder from here? There has to be a way. For me how am I going to get to my goals and be present enough to enjoy the journey?

I no longer run marathons, honestly I no longer run. So how can I accomplish all the things I want this year? I bought a 12 month calendar and put it up in my office. I added all the things I know I have to get done, like school vacations, the kids events, and anything that is already a planned date. Then I broke it down by day, week and month. If at the end of the 12 months I could think of nothing else that needed to be added, I started with this week. What do I need to get done on Monday and what do I want to get done. Is it realistic? Is it attainable and does it make sense?

Moving forward I am going to embrace small steps towards the things I want to get done and enjoy. Is it going to be easy, hell no. It’s how badly I want to be present this year and reminding myself to breath a little and enjoy the journey.


Jody Medor Health & Wellness Coaching



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